Powerbabies VR 2019


Power Babies VR is an all-out nappy-slinging world domination war game that brings out the egotistical power-hungry toddler in all of us. Part VR game prototype, part political satire piece, the experience was made at a two-day hackathon in 2019.

Power Babies VR puts you in the baby seat of the world’s most powerful toddlers hell-bent on conquering the world before nap time – or the climate apocalypse, whichever comes first. Grab your weapon of choice and play the dirtiest game of politics this side of the nursery.

Intended to be experienced for just one night during the Brighton Digital Festival, it had to be postponed due to Covid-19 lockdown.


Powerbabies Hackathon participants

Maf’j Alvarez – Artistic creation, direction and development in Unity3d
Paul Hayes – Lead technical development in Unity3d
Emma Smith – Graphic design and illustration
Anna Bertmark – Sound design
Emily Jones – Assistant sound design and recording
Andy Baker – Visual effects in Unity3d
Owen – Unity development
Evan – Unity development
Mark Bou Mansour – GoVR
Gian Manfredi – GoVR

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