Stickybits 2020

17th December 2020

Imaginary chef hats at the ready! Watch an absurd immersive game show, learn more about Inkibit and what we’ve been working on.

Since our inception in October, we at Inkibit have been working on making VR more open and accessible to creatives, first-timers, organisations, developers and non-developers alike – demonstrating the enormous, unexplored potential of immersive technology.

As we approach our hiatus, we wanted to share with you what we’ve been busy developing and improving: our multiplayer immersive framework called Holonspace. And what better way to showcase our prototype than through a re-packaged, virtual game of Nailed It!

If you’ve not seen Netflix’s hit show Nailed It! before, three amateur chefs with poor baking skills attempt to re-create edible masterpieces for a prize.

No knowledge of baking is required of course, just bring your good selves along for 30 minutes of fun, hilarity and creativity. It will also be a chance to hear about our plans for the future and how you can get involved with the collective.


‘Stickybits’ gameshow presented by Grace Baird
‘Vox pops’ by Laura Loonstein

Showcase Director – Grace Baird
Concept design, development and
production design – Grace Baird and Laura Loonstein
VR technical director – Maf’j Alvarez
Marketing, promotion and live streaming – Emily Jones

Holon production – Inkibit team
Unity3d scene development by inkibit team

Built with Unity3d and Probuilder and Photon Pun2
Holonspace created by Maf’j Alvarez – Root Interactive
Additional technical support – Chris Chowen, Andy Baker

Add link for art and music credits


In VR: Catmosphere – Candy-Coloured Sky By Argofox is licensed under a CC-BY  Creative Commons License.


Balcony plant illustrations by Tanya Meditzky

With support from:
Fusebox Brighton
Driva Arts Driva
Root Interactive

All content © Copyright 2024 by Maf'j Alvarez.
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